Our High Performance Thermal Storage

Our new thermal storage for high-growth industrial applications such as batteries, supercapacitors or other heat sensitive industrial applications allows to realize innovative passive cooling systems.

The technology utilises latent heat storage based on phase change material (PCM) infiltrated aluminium foam for buffering peak thermal power generated by the application to be thermally managed in order to prevent them from overheating.

The result is the optimization of the overall life-cycle resource reduction of several high-growth industrial applications in terms of lower operational costs, reducing waste of resource and energy, leading to a more competitive product that creates new market opportunities.

Showcasing in the EU-Project “SELFIE”

Launched in 2018, we are using the collaborative innovation project SELFIE (Self-sustained and Smart Battery Thermal Management Solution for Battery Electric Vehicles) to drive forward the industrialization of our heat storage.

In this Horizon 2020 EU-project we are currently working with leading European automotive premium suppliers to integrate the storage into vehicles for the optimization of the battery thermal management during driving and fast charging.


Project result

Enabling fast-charging up to 3 times faster than today for a 30 kWh battery pack

Enable long(er) distance trips of electric vehicles by connectivity optimized battery thermal management during driving and charging