Prioritization, selection and implementation of ideas


The Client´s Challenge

  • To generate "New approaches to serve customers through fresh ideas” to enable growth.
  • To systematically evaluate and select the right ideas even in their early stages, as well as monitor them during implementation.

The Process

Consulting Workshops (4 half days) with high-level executives from diverse sales regions and the bank management and a member of the Board.

During the workshops the use of IfM’s Opportunity-Feasibility method which enables the creation of a pragmatic set of criteria for idea ”scoring”, tailored to the company and its needs.

The Results

The Benefits

  • For the executives of Steiermärkische Sparkasse, the consulting project result created a solid basis for the evaluation & selection of existing/future ideas and their implementation.
  • The participants learned and adapted to their needs an easy to replicate process for efficient idea management and systematic evaluation of ideas even in their early stages.
  • The continuous, repeated added value received is a systematic increase in the number of well-selected ideas implemented.