Cambridge IfM Summer school

Hands-on trial of top-notch tools like roadmapping, digital transformation etc


Austrian SMEs

The Client´s Challenge

  • How to identify the right business opportunities to outsmart competition
  • How to effectively take advantage those opportunities within the company’s (technology) planning

The Process

A high-speed, highly effective open workshop with SMEs from energy and software sectors took place in Austria.

The workshop had three main parts:

  1. Get accustomed with the Roadmapping framework by IfM
  2. Real companies’ challenges are practically analysed using the framework
  3. Solutions to the challenges are presented in a roadmap by each company and discussed in the peer group

The Results

The Benefits

  • Experience IfM’s approach of “Fast-start Roadmapping” and its role for technology and innovation management.
  • Learn the methodologies practically, while solving real business challenges.
  • Develop a quick 360° overview on current and planned products/services and their potential on the market.
  • Receive and share insights and experiences with participating companies from other sectors.
  • Get to an actionable Roadmap within a day that you can ”take home” to your company.